Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Couple of Quick 2k Notes

Played a couple of patched games this evening. Hurry Up Baseball did not crash on me tonight. Could be fixed. Could be a coincidence.

Also, I did not find that leaving Precision Pitching disabled helped the free-swinging batter issue at all. In a 10-inning game against Toronto, I saw one called strike against the AI. One. (Keep in mind it's not like I only throw in the strike zone. That's suicide in this game.)

Anyway, I've just sent the review off to Bill. 2,000 words. I swear to god I'm incapable of writing a concise review. But hey, there's coherent sentences in there -well, a couple of them anyway- so that should count for something.


Jonah Falcon said...

Todd, did you not notice bench players are almost never used?

After 79 games, Molina's played no games at all.

Cody Ransom's played 4.

Brandon said...

2000 words is concise for you. ;)

todd brakke said...

Brandon I'd tell you to screw off if that weren't such a painfully true statement. ;)