Thursday, July 31, 2008

No CPU Sliders

Confirmed by Ian of EA at the OS Forum:

There are in fact no CPU sliders. I discovered this myself about 2 weeks
ago as well, and was kind of wondering when I should break the news. I wish I
had an explanation, but I don't.

There's not all that much more I can say about it... There's one other bit
of bad news that I discovered at the same time, and that is there is no custom
controller configuration any more. Again, I don't really have an explanation.

PS - In the build where I was adjusting sliders, I was adjusting User INT's
to zero - so the human wouldn't pick off the QB as much (since I know people
were originally concerned that the CPU QB threw too many picks). (ducks out of
way of flying chairs). So anyway - I don't know what else to say


So, the good news: I am not going crazy.

The bad news...well...there's no CPU sliders in Madden 09.


Brando said...

I figured as much if you couldn't find them after finding the Human ones.

It's a bizarre decision to say the least, but I'm guessing they had issues trying to do the adaptive AI thing and the sliders either didn't work or screwed it up.

I'm not as upset as the OS crew are, because I always thought Madden's sliders were ineffective anyway. You could put human and CPU interceptions at 0 and still see a lot of picks. I'd rather have a good game with sliders than a bad game with them.

However, this also means relying on the IQ feature to get it right or to find a human default/slider setting that plays a good, balanced game. Color me skeptical on that.

Thanks for the impressions, Bill.

Nate said...

How is it possible for a "Senior Designer" on Madden to not know there were no CPU sliders until two weeks ago? Are the development teams at Tiburon that out of sync and screwed up?

Steve said...

Well, the NCAA debacle and now this. I'm just not going to buy the game. There's no other answer.

Nate said...

"Exclusive licenses + Tiburon" == "Current state of NCAA and Madden"

Brandon said...

I have the exact same question that Nate had.

warnerwlf98 said...

If you check that OS thread, the current Madden lead designer was given the reigns of the Madden franchise after 09 was already completed.

He had been working on another project before then, so whatever direction the game was going in was out of his control when he took over.

Nate said...

Here is the real problem that I see. Instead of trying to fix a feature, every year they have to change it up, which either breaks it further or reduces its functionality. All of this so marketing can have a new "feature" to talk about.

"New AI that adjusts to your skill level!...or however bad we are screwing you over in the game."