Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, I dunno what to think right now after a few games under my belt.

I need to scour the menu system because for the life of me I cannot find the gameplay sliders.

I see the "settings" where you can change the gameplay to either Rookie, All pro, Custom My Skill, etc. but no custom sliders to change QB accuracy, etc. They HAVE to be there. The EA rep at E3 said they were there -- but I do not see them. I see penalty sliders. I see "Special Team" sliders. But I do not see ONE CPU slider anywhere in the game. Maybe this is what that My Skill thing is supposed to do?

I hope they're there because on All Pro lvl the CPU QBs are stupid-accurate. In my exhibition games on All Pro passes are either dropped, picked, or caught. This is par for the course on default settings so I am hoping I am just overlooking the slider stuff. I swear I can't find the damn things anywhere, though.

The new player models look great but they also move ...different. Everyone can cut extremely sharp. You'll see what I mean. The game feels extremely different from NCAA 09.

Punt coverage is better.

The pass rush...I dunno yet. The CPU pass rush is fine. Mine sucks. :) That might very well be user error.

Madden IQ ...not sure what I think of this, either. I am apparently All Madden at running and passing but I'm a rookie at pass defense. What that means in game terms..I have no idea.

I LOVE the new Backtrack feature. Really, really cool.

Also, again, maybe I am missing something but did they take out the Accelerated clock? Again -- I don't see it.

Anyway, more later.

I'm going to play a game with the My Skill set, with my pass defense getting a major boost because I can't guard anyone for shit, and see what happens.

Surely they didn't remove the CPU sliders, though...