Friday, July 4, 2008

TCU 24 Penn State 13

Very, very promising game this afternoon. I was TCU, playing on AA lvl, 7 min quarters.

Worth noting:
  • PSU QB throws ONE pick-- to my MLB spying the middle of the field. I can live with that, as I think we all can. I threw zero picks myself with TCU (another achievement. woo.) So it was a 1 TO game (no fumbles). This was on AA lvl and I can't tell you how happy I was to see that. Several passes SHOULD have been picked but maybe the INT at 0 slider was working? Time to play as OSU again to see if the INTs return -- this is great news, though.
  • One note about INTs: I never "user pick." I play as the DLine or blitzing LB -- I never play ion coverage so when the CPU throws a pick, I never have anything to do with it. I dunno how the user picks work, I have never played the game like that, FWIW.
  • I put together a new "combo" move with the star TCU HB. Wow, that was sick. The PSU CB is still on the ground I think, wondering what happened.
  • I registered three sacks with the TCU DE -- all speed rushes. No spins or power moves -- just racing around the edge.
  • Final stats for PSU QB: 18/30 144 yds 1 TD 1 INT. Final stats for my QB: 12/22 166 yds 1 TD.
  • Kick coverage is 100% ass. Sorry to keep repeating this--but this needs fixed. Maybe longer punts? You are going to average 30 yards per kick return in this game.
  • Several passes that would have been caught in previous editions of NCAA were drops either because the pass was behind the receiver or he was hit as the ball was delivered. Very nice.
  • The CPU blocked a kick! It wasn't a major block but he DID tip it. The punt went 17 yards. Woo!
  • One thing that I noticed that I didn't like -- the playcalling. Again,. who knows what could have caused this -- PSU gameplan, AA lvl -- I dunno. But late in he game PSU had several 4th down plays when they were down 21-13. On 3rd and 5 with 2:12 left they called off tackle and lost a yard -- 4th and 6 ...same play. No gain. Kinda odd. Then the next possession they had 4th and 10 and threw a 5 yard square out and the WR caught the pass out of bounds. The HBs and FBs still have NO Idea where the sideline is on flare patterns. This is an OLD problem and that is still in the game. This sealed the game for me for the most part and was kinda anti climatic.
  • A LOT more "2 plays off" types of injuries, which I like a lot. Guys taking a series off or taking a breather for a play or two.
  • I still think Heisman will be my level of choice, (I felt this game was a bit too easy for TCU)but this AA game was a blast--more to come hopefully later today.