Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love my daughter

To all Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for Johnstown Youth Soccer 2008:

This is a reminder that we will have a mandatory coaches meeting on August 2nd at 9am at the Belt Park Batting Barn. I will pass out team roosters, practice and game schedules at this meeting.

Practices will begin the week of August 11th (the week of August 18 practices will not be mandatory due to the start of school). Games will begin Sept 6th. Immediately following the coaches meeting, the high school soccer coach will have a coaches clinic -- Site TBD. Please be prepared to participate in the drills.

At 2:00 I would like to reconvene at Belt Park to layout the soccer fields and complete any maintenance that is needed. Please bring a shovel and wheel barrow, long string and tape measures for laying out the fields. Josh and the high school soccer team will host a free Soccer clinic on Aug 16th.


So, for those keeping score at home: that's a Saturday spent, apparently, acting as the grounds crew creating soccer fields and running 40 year old men through soccer drills with a HS soccer coach. That should be awesome.

However -- it's all good. At least we get a team rooster. I'm going to put mine in a shirt and call him Rufus.

The things we do for our kids.