Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We have a preview of EndWar up today. I don't plug our stuff here very often but I have to admit, the voice commands sound kinda nifty. Geeky, but nifty. I'd assume this is a game to play alone.

You're sitting in your living room while your wife is making dinner (or if your wife is like mine, fixing something around the house because her husband is pretty much useless with any sort of power tool in his hand). She's working away and you're sitting in front of the TV yelling, "Squad 5 move to sector Alpha!!" It's times like these when women begin to question their choice of a mate.

As for NCAA, I am still trying to get my Ball State game in. Last night, Ashley came back from my parent's place and we played Smash Bros. and then I decided to watch a couple episodes of The Tudors. Sorry -- you are not my master!

I'd play right now but the TV has been confiscated by Ashley. She's way past the point where I could tell her, "Daddy needs to work!" That doesn't fly anymore.

Long time readers of the blog will also realize that this is Tuesday, which means old man basketball league night so I'll be gone from 5-9 (or so).

A lot of stuff still needs to be tested and looked over in terms of recruiting. I am hoping that this year we see more 4-5 star busts. I'll come back with the Ball State report as soon as I can. I am very curious how that game plays out.