Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NCAA Thoughts on a Test Season Sim

After losing 31-27 to Akron....

My god I really lost to Akron?

I decided to sim the rest of the season w/o saving to see how a test year turned out. By the looks of it it still seems as if the folks at EA could use a better sim engine. How much this stuff annoys you will very much depend on your anal-ness. For me, I've always had a case of OCD when it comes to this sorta thing. It irks me a bit.

OSU loses to USC but gets back in the title game and plays...PITT. Yes, PITT ran the table.


Arizona State beats Georgia and USC and loses to Washington 34-33 and ends up ranked 19.

Tough crowd.

As it is in most NCAA games, QB stats are way too high. Look, Tebow is good and all, but 30 TDs and 2 INTs? The dude from Nebraska throwing 35 TDs with 4 picks? Across the board QB stats are too good. Way too good. Take a look at this:

See the ratings? Well, in my Dynasty, Bradford's 176.52 would rank him 6th. Not too insane but here's the catch: In my NCAA test season, 24 QBs came in with a rating of 160 or higher. Last year in the Real World (tm) there were THREE. It's the same with QBs who have a 150 and up rating. It's too high. It's sorta stupid high, really. It's like playing an NFL game and 3/4 of the league has a 90+ QB rating.

Same with HB stats. Javon Ringer leads the nation in rushing and gets a lovely 7.3 yards per carry. Well done Mr. Ringer. Beanie is 2nd in the nation and gets only 6.9. Slacker. Rushing yards are a shade low--not too low but lower than today's NCAA, but the yards per carry is just ...yeow. No running back in the top 10 total rushing yards has a YPC under 5.9. Most (9, actually) are at least 6.0 with Ringer looking like Jim Brown on roller skates.

Anyway, just some observations. Some of you won't give this a second thought, which I understand, but I can't help but wish this was a bit tighter.

Oh, OSU did beat Michigan 41-3.

Realism baby, realism.