Thursday, July 31, 2008


I decidced to play the Browns/Steelers game again this time using the "My Skill" setting -- this is the game's settings based on my Madden IQ score.

When I took "the test" I was good at passing and running, and REALLY bad at defense. I NEVER play as the DB in Madden or NCAA so this is not a shock.

Pitt is rated a 94 in Madden and Cleveland an 88.

I won this one 21-11. The stats:

7 min quarters:

Anderson: 16/21 150 yards 1 TD 0 INT
Rothliuasdftydtaid: 16/26 162 yards 1 TD 4 INT

Lewis: 25 carries 46 yards. I had NOWHERE to run all game because of my Madden Test plus Pitt is damn good at run D. The game boosted their reaction time and Pitt defenders were living in the backfield. Of course their reaction time didn't help as much in the secondary... Anderson had a very efficient game.

Parker: 14 carries 21 yards

Laughable, really. Again I think this is because I tested poorly. If Willie Parker does this against us this year we'll win both games.

And yes, I am almost certain at this point that the game has no CPU slider settings in it. If there are they are hidden to the point of absurdity.

This was a better game than the 42-7 drubbing, but 4 picks by Ben? Parker getting 21 yards? Methinks my Madden Test was bogus. :)