Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Weirdness Continues

Ok so I am reading the press sheet that came with the game and it says right at the end of the feature list -- More Detailed Sliders. More sliders that allow you to tweak certain parts of the gameplay, etc.

So I start looking around like I'm on Candid Camera 'cause I don't see these new fangled sliders anywhere.

I start a franchise -- maybe it's in there. Nope. You can't even change your settings *anywhere* inside franchise mode. So the franchise that you start will use your settings from the main menu. that isn't the answer either.

I eye the box. The big pretty Collector's Edition box. There is a manual in there...there has to be. Maybe it will...

So I open it up and leaf through the 7 or 8 pages. Disgusted with myself that I even considered that an option, I fling the manual near the TV.

I am determined to find these.

I finally decide to look over the difficulty lvls again and one of them is "custom" which allows you to change the base settings which are "Passing, Running, Pass D and Run D." I can move those settings but damn that's pretty generic, eh?

I accidentally press "A" when moving the pass slider and lo and behold a hidden list of settings pops up.

Here, I can tweak Pass Accuracy, WR Catching, and Pass Blocking. There are in fact more settings like Break Tackles, Reaction time for DBs, etc.

However, EA makes FINDING these settings akin to looking for buried treasure without the map.

The settings are now geared towards YOUR play and not the CPU. I dont think we can edit the CPU's game at all from what I can tell. We can make our DBs better, or make it easier for the CPU to pass by lowering our DB reaction time, etc. But as far as a base CPU Acc slider, for example-- I don't see one.