Thursday, July 3, 2008

On a More Uplifting Note

I came across this post while reading the forums at Gamers With Jobs (best gaming community on the web, bar none). It's a wonderful account of how a guy's girlfriend made a YouTube video about her reaction to seeing the first Wall-E trailer and how the people at Pixar ended up becoming aware of it and were touched by the sentiment, even inviting the woman to Wall-E's wrap party.
As some of you know, when the trailer first came out, my girlfriend, Courtney, burst into tears at the trailer. She was emabrrassed but somewhat amused by this, as so she made a video of herself watching the trailer on her computer, knowing she would start crying every time that little robot said his own name.

After a few months, she started to get trickles of emails from people at Pixar who said they had seen her video and really appreciated it. It was all sort of under the radar -- mostly code monkeys, and they were sort of circumspect about the subject.

Then she got an email from one of the film's producers, saying they wanted to send her something for Christmas. She received a Crew Jacket (and) a nice note saying that the folk at Pixar had appreciated the film.

Then, last month, she received another barage of emails from Pixar, again from producers. They were having the wrap party for Wall-E in San Francisco, and wanted to know if we wanted to join them.
The rest of the post goes on to detail the experience at the wrap party, which is amazing. As if there was any doubt before, the folks at Pixar are in a class of their own.

Incidentally, Wall-E is, by a wide margin, their finest work to date. I'm not sure it's my personal favorite film of theirs (Finding Nemo will always be a special movie, for me), but as a well-constructed film, it's an amazing piece of work from a company that has done nothing but amazing work. (I should really do a Pixar movie round-up.)

Edit: The "girlfriend" in this post has a blog, with the great title of, "Your Dress Would Look Better On Me," where she goes by the name "Eda Cherry." (Surely, that's not her real name.) Anyway, you can find her post about the experience along with the video that inspired all this. It's all really very touching.