Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Just by way of a quick update, I received MLB2k8 from Bill yesterday and I plan to dig into it tonight. If time permits I may post some impressions before bed, but more likely I'll write up some thoughts tomorrow morning.

Also, just to fill in a bit from yesterday, Cirrus had a cancerous condition called Lung-Digit Syndrome. A full body scan last Thursday confirmed the diagnosis. I guess it's pretty rare but it's known for having a large mass in the chest (near the heart and lungs) that metastasizes (?) to the paws. (I'm probably brutalizing this description.) It turns out her toe hadn't actually been broken back in January, rather the bone was dissolving, which explains why the paw never got better after the broken toe was removed. (Swelling in the paw had since started affecting one of her front paws as well and at that point you had to know something was horribly wrong.)

Anyway, we took her in Monday morning to be put to sleep. I'm not sure how it is for other pet owners, but I don't think the worst part for me was being there for that. It was hard, make no mistake, but walking back into the house afterwards was just brutal. The place just felt empty. And the little things, like picking up the blankets she'd been sleeping on and cleaning out her food bowl, that was just torturous. That's the way it goes, though, and this will be my last post about it. She was a good cat, the best I've had, and she handled the addition of two kids to our home better than I could've hoped (they don't all deal well with that sort of thing, I'm told). I'll miss her.

Tomorrow: MLB2k8 ranting!