Wednesday, March 5, 2008

EA to GameSpot - I Heart U

Peter Moore of EA has posted a new blog entry that talks about...EA stuff. Namely NFL Head Coach 09. Read the blog if you will but my favorite line was this beaut, "Last week, we had a group at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis showing a select group of media an early look at the game, and as our friends at GameSpot noted: “NFL Head Coach 09 is a sequel in name only”.

GameSpot Fever -- CATCH IT!

As someone who has been part of several of these "select media events" I can say without hesitation that GameSpot saw maybe some interface stuff and a few of the basic ideas that help differentiate it from the old game, but doesn't this come off sounding like an advertisement? Or at the very least a slight endorsement? Like when you see a pull quote for a really bad movie in a TV ad? "Rambo is back!" -- John Doe, Small Paper You Have Never Heard Of

And I'm happy Peter Moore considers the folks at GameSpot his buds. We're all one big happy fam in this biz.

The gaming media needs to STOP DOING THAT. So EA lets you into the Combine to see a sequel to a terribly shitty game. You are not obliged to provide tag lines to EA PR because of it. Good lord, people.

Oh, Pete also says this about the PC:

PC Games – While we’re committed to the PC as a sports game platform, it’s certainly not a platform without its business challenges due in large part because so many of you have migrated to the console as your primary platform. I think on-line will give us some innovative new ways to re-vitalize the PC sports business again, and we’ ll keep pushing from our end to make that happen. But in the meantime, understand that while we have a limited lineup of EA SPORTS games coming this summer and fall to the PC, we do continue to weigh our options on PC.

Translation: We at EA Sports consider the PC one helluva way to check email, send pictures of ugly relatives, and watch NBC reruns in your underwear. Now, go buy our $60 console games.