Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA Blech

So the selection committee decided Ohio State should be A #1 seed -- in the NIT. Fair enough. OSU had a rough year, with only two ranked wins against Purdue and MSU. The Florida win turned out to be...well, sorta ok. Same with the Syracuse win.

The problem for the Bucks was no quality road wins at all and losses at Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. And when you get right down to it, OSU probably didn't deserve a bid and would have most likely played one or two games, tops. They are a talented yet inconsistent team.

But once again the people that pick these teams...I just don't get it.

Oregon a 9 seed? OREGON!? Indiana is an 8 and Michigan State a 5? MSU finished 4th in the B10. Kentucky gets in? Why? Butler is a 7 seed? Wha? A top 15 team ALL YEAR and they get a 7 seed? The SEC gets SIX teams in? Are you kidding me? Arizona is in because...

The politicians that sit on that board say that RPI is vital, then ignore it. They say a tough OOC schedule is vital, and then ignore it. It's frustrating as hell. Granted, it will most likely be moot as usually it's the top 4 seeds that make a run anyway, but it seems and feels dirty to me.