Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Go Bucks!

#1 HS recruit Terrelle Pryor finally made it official today by choosing OSU over Michigan and Penn State much to the surprise one that has really followed his recruitment.

I'm happy. Very happy.
In other news, GameShark is starting a new feature today called Indie Chat, where we talk with independent PC game developers. We start it off with an interview with Wolverine Studios' Gary Gorski -- who is no doubt thrilled with the Pryor news. This will be a semi regular feature on GS.
The other new regular feature, the GameShark Top Ten, should start off this Friday with the Top Ten Baseball feature. This is actually a lot tougher to do than I first realized.

When doing this sort of thing you have to distinguish between greatness and influence. Hardball may or may not make the list, for example. No one doubts the importance of that game -- but is it Top 10 great? It's a VERY important release, but there are a lot of very good baseball games out there.

Also, do I include something like MVP Baseball '05? Out of the box it was decent but it really took off when the modders basically recoded the damn game. High Heat is different -- it had a tune file built in. MVP required serious post release work from users. Is that fair?
Anyway, that will be ready to go on Friday. Hopefully.