Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MLB 2k8 on the Wii Part 2

One of the GameShark writers, Kevin Mosley, found a NASTY franchise bug in the Wii version of 2K8. In my test I couldn't reproduce it but others have verified it -- if you play and sim a season, the following year's schedule has ...10 games. For the whole season. I ran a two full season test on the Wii and didn't see it but maybe that was due to just simming and not playing a few games and them simming? I'm going to mess with it some tonight to verify it but looks like yet another lovely franchise killer courtesy of 2K Sports.

So, just keep that in mind if considering the Wii version. I dunno how many people are playing that version for the franchise mode, but still, that's a crazy, and really inexcusable bug.