Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick Update

Bill says my review copy of MLB2k8 is in the mail. So much for all his bellyaching about having to do the review himself and my being a douche. This is what you get from people who live in Columbus.

Anyway, hopefully that means I'll be able to dump some additional impressions on here by the weekend.

Based on Bill's comments, I'm not holding my breath for this one. Issues of balls and strikes are a big red flag of mine and I've really grown to despise sports games that aren't reasonably well-balanced out of the box. People pay money to play the damn game not to spend hours upon freak'n hours tweaking the monster. It's not that I don't think sliders should be there. Everybody thinks a baseball game should play just a bit differently and sliders help facilitate that. But they're not a free pass to ship the game balanced purely towards this mythical group of pure-arcade, no-realism-wanted players. I'm also already dreading this stuttering issue. Hey, maybe it's a console problem! (Yeah, right.)

On a personal note, I still have no new information about my cat. Poor critter started out with a broken toe that had to be amputated. (I have no idea how this happened. My best guess is she snagged a claw on the carpet after I chased her away from trying to eat a balloon cord.) Since then she still hasn't stopped limping and has stopped eating, drinking or moving around at all. We've tried a couple antibiotics now to no effect, and even had a damn biopsy done to see if it was cancer ($280 for nothing on that one). Now I'm waiting on a new blood test and a urinalysis to see if, among other things, it's a kidney problem. (Having lost two cats to kidney failure that's what I suspect we're going to find out.)

This sucks. :(