Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dawn of War Wimpers; Best of Baseball

My review of the final Dawn of War addon is live. I love Warhammer, but this just doesn't cut it.

Anyway, GameShark starts its "Top Ten" lists next week. Basically, once a week we'll run down a 'best of' list on a different topic. It's an easy, (some would say cheap) feature but one thing I have learned doing this for so long -- people like lists. So we'll provided them a list of stuff. See...I aim to please.
I think whenever you start talking about "best of" lists you need to define what it is you are actually listing. When you see a Commodore 64 game on a Best Of list I don't think the writer really feels that the game stacks up with current generation products. So these lists inevitably turn into a "most influential" type of thing, which is fine. Personally, I look at it as "what was the most fun when I played it."

If I could play High Heat 2002 PC right now, today, (I can't on XP) I doubt it would measure up the same way. And that's ok. I'd still love the interface...but time and technology marches on. But High Heat will clearly make that list. BTW anyone remember the game pictured? True classic.

So The Top Ten Baseball Games will lead things off. We have planned features of the ten most aggravating gaming moments, the top ten games based on a movie, Troy Goodfellow is working on an Ancients it will hopefully cover a wide array of topics.


tmyoung68 said...

Oh how I loved The World's Greatest Baseball Game. I played it incessantly, wishing there were an MLB version of the game.

I still think the original Hardball of the C64 was my favorite baseball game for the system.

bill abner said...
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bill abner said...

Mine, too. (Hardball)

I just loved that WGB had all those old time players. I was 12 years old when that came out and the fact that I could bat as Lou Gehrig I thought was too cool.

tmyoung68 said...

I was 12 or 13 myself. I loved playing as the 27 Yankees as much as I loved playing as the old Gas House Gang.

In fact, last night I played as the Cooperstown Greats in MLB 2K8 (I'm enjoying it despite the framerate issues). I pitched Bob Gibson, and had a lineup with Stan Musial, Ted Williams and Harmon Killabrew, among others. Gibby went the distance (of course) and I picked up a tight 3-1 win.

Kevin said...

Here are some of my favorites:

Earl Weaver Baseball 1.5 + Commissioner's Disk

FPS Baseball '94 and '96


Diamond Mind Baseball

High Heat 2002 (PC)

MVP 05 (Xbox)

I'm sure I could come up with at least 10 on my own...


Shanicus said...

The best baseball game of all time was Baseball Stars for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was made by SNK before they went off to make the Neo Geo.

That game allowed you to make custom players, teams and leagues. Plus, it let you upgrade their stats. If you won games, you could buy points to allocate to players, upgrading them in areas like hitting, running, pitching, etc. Even popularity! Which, of course, led to more money. You could even draft rookies, veterans etc for your teams.

It was great and should be on the list. It was way ahead of its time (1989). But, of course, those days had a few decent baseball games come out, so, maybe not all of you have heard of it.