Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Note About MLB Criticsm

A couple things that are probably worth pointing out. Just to be clear (and very often, I'm not), the reason I'm focusing on the presentation on MLB2k8 right now is precisely because I've only played two games. I haven't played nearly enough to get a feel for the nuts and bolts baseball issues, game balance, etc. That'll take some time. But the people playing the game a lot seem to be finding a lot to like.

Also, there's a difference between the type of criticism I'll go into on the blog and what I'll get into when I write the review for Gameshark. Here I'm focusing on what I, personally, want to see. I don't expect that to resonate with everyone, nor should it. When I write the review that focus will shift to what I think the reader will want to know about or be affected by.

Oh and finally, I am, evidently, an idiot (see the comments in my last post) and there *is* a way to change the fielding camera. I looked for such an option the last two nights and didn't see it, but apparently it's there. I guess that part of my bellyaching was pretty much for nothing... at least, assuming one of those cameras lets me see a ball hit into the air.