Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More on MLB 2K8

Ok time for a 4 game rundown. Let's play Likes/Dislikes for $200!

  • It still needs tweaked because it's too easy to throw strikes, but I love the new RS pitch interface. Really nifty and MUCH better than "Press A for fastball"
  • Swing Stick 2.0 feels better. I still don't LOVE this, but it's better.
  • Despite my earlier post, I am seeing more doubles this year and even 1st to 3rd on singles and scoring from 2nd. This is still not perfect -- but my earlier worries may have been a bit premature.
  • After slider tweaking I can get the CPU to take strikes, swing and miss, and chase pitches out of the strikezone. Now if I could just get them to stop going deep.
  • The framerate in the field. This might be stadium, specific. But the hiccuping is there.
  • If the ball NICKS the strikezone the ump calls it a strike. Everytime. Serious control slider tests will need to be made to get the CPU to throw anything close to a walk. I could not get past 2 balls because the umps call it so tight you have to swing at damn near everything. (This is a huge, huge issue for me)
  • Way, way, WAY too many homers. Way too many. Way.
  • The graphics. I'm on a 60" Sony Bravia and it looks...ok. Seriously, do we really need all the jersey flapping? Still?
  • Thje fielding. A lot of guys seem to like this but I don't. I can't locate the ball worth a damn so I'm basically auto fielding. Yes, throwing with the RS is cool, bit I'm talking about fielding. Not throwing. MLB2K has never done this well,. IMO.
  • The commentary is the same as 2K7. Same trivia questions. Joe, what in the world is a walk off homer? OR -- I'll take dumb ass baseball questions for $500.
  • Too many wild pitches.
  • In general, it still feels...unpolished.

So there you have it. 4 games. General thoughts. I'm not "wowed" by any means but maybe it'l'l grow on me.