Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rosters in Waiting

Just an FYI that I am on a brief MLB 08 The Show hiatus until the opening day rosters are released along with the very much needed outfield edits.

In the meantime I am wrapping up Penumbra: Black Plague and am about to jump into Vikings on the 360. The Baseball feature is pretty much done. Look for that on Friday. I'm also playing College Hoops 2K8 again, continuing my Texas State Legacy. Now that 2K has made CH 2k9 another DOA franchise, I am going to delve into College Hoops 2K8. It's this or March Madness for my hands on college hoops fix...and I can't force myself down that road.

Sorry to be so brief today but Ashley is on Spring Break and the house is full of 6 and 7 year old girls. Mary gets home in about 20 minutes and I can finally open the bottle of Captain Morgan I have been eyeing.


A house full of 7 year old girls. You'd be ready for the Captain too, bucko.