Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Thaw

What happens when it snows more in Columbus than it has since 1910? Well, if you live in Johnstown, and it starts to melt, the clay soil doesn't suck the water up and you end up with floods...everywhere.

It's lovely.

So StarCraft 2 stuff is out in Netland today. I'm kinda "meh" on StarCraft. See, I'm a Games Workshop guy and Blizzard pretty much took the 40K model, sorta stole it, and renamed everything. That irks me. Did then. Does now. The Zerg, well, those are the Tyranids. The marines? Yep, Space Marines of 40K. The Protoss...ok the Protoss are sorta weird and I dunno what 40K race they'd be.

I'm getting my sci-fi RTS kicks with Soulstorm right now which is a drastically overpriced expansion to Dawn of War. Go THQ! Milk it, baby! Milk it! 2 races, some flier units and pretty much the same campaign? And still no Tyranids!? For $40?

Other than that, not much going on, other than the fact that I'm finally going to buy a PS3. At least it's a tax write off.


Loren said...

It's a tax write off, but only for a certain percentage.

I love StarCraft, but I also love 40k. You bought the Dawn of War expansion even after THQ dissolved Iron Lore after they were finished with it?

bill abner said...

After 12 years of this, I got the tax thing down.

Anyway I'm reviewing Soulstorm via a previous obligation with Crispy Gamer.

THQ didn't "dissolve" anyone. Iron Lore couldn't find future projects to fund the company. Even if THQ did, would I be sticking it to the man by boycotting a game I wanted to play?

Loren said...

Teach me the way of the tax Sensei!

Sorry I worded the Iron Lore situation poorly. To be honest I only knew they closed shop, so sorry for the misconception of what actually happened.

bill abner said...

Iron Lore was still an indy developer, even though they had worked with THQ on Titan Quest and DoW, but they had no more projects, and a developer w/o a project...is in trouble.

I wish IL could have had the time and $$ to make Soulstorm a better game because this isn't worth 40 bucks.