Thursday, March 20, 2008

Todd Does MLB 2K8

And reviews it right here.

My Baseball Feature has been delayed mainly because I need to play more of MLB 08 The Show before including it. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game but I should at least get a week's mileage out of any game before deeming it a Top 10 of anything. Ah, ethics. I am such a great person.

Michael's latest Cracked LCD is live today with a tribute of sorts to Gary Gygax.

NCAA tourney starts today. A great day to work from home!

One last thing -- I have been playing a lot of Xbox Live with Todd and a old college buddy who now lives near Chicago -- he's in the Navy. In Chicago. Don't ask. Anyway does anyone have any suggestions for multiplayer XBL Arcade games aside from Catan and Carcassonne that are worth the effort?