Thursday, March 20, 2008

Todd Does MLB 2K8

And reviews it right here.

My Baseball Feature has been delayed mainly because I need to play more of MLB 08 The Show before including it. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game but I should at least get a week's mileage out of any game before deeming it a Top 10 of anything. Ah, ethics. I am such a great person.

Michael's latest Cracked LCD is live today with a tribute of sorts to Gary Gygax.

NCAA tourney starts today. A great day to work from home!

One last thing -- I have been playing a lot of Xbox Live with Todd and a old college buddy who now lives near Chicago -- he's in the Navy. In Chicago. Don't ask. Anyway does anyone have any suggestions for multiplayer XBL Arcade games aside from Catan and Carcassonne that are worth the effort?


Brandon said...

Uno is pretty good, and probably fairly cheap now too. Puzzle Quest is a great game, but it's only 2 player.

todd brakke said...

Oh no, I'm not buying Puzzle Quest for yet a third platform (already have DS and PC version). :)

Brandon said...

But the 360 version gets an expansion pack! You know you want to. You'll never get another chance.