Friday, March 21, 2008

MLB The Show Slider Experiments

OK -- the latest.

A lot of this is going to vary depending on teams, the stadiums, etc.

But here are a few examples of the latest slider test: Both games were played @ Houston, with its short porch in LF.

Freel hits a rocket into LF (not a hard grounder but a pretty well hit ball) that gets past Lee and rolls to the wall. Lee grabs it and throws to the relay man who fires it to second and Freel slides, beating the tag. Without the tweaks, this is a single. No doubt in my mind.

Later in the game Tejada rips one to left that lands almost right ON the line near the warning track. Dunn hustles over, bare hands the ball off the wall-hop and throws it to 2nd -- Tejada slides in safe with a double. It was close -- but he beat the throw. Without the edits, I think both of these are either singles or the runners are thrown out.

Both, to me, looked liked doubles the moment they were hit. This is admittedly a very small sample (2 games) but right now I am focusing on:

Batting Contact (slider)
Pitch Speed (slider)
Baserunning Speed (slider)
IF throwing Speed (slider)
Outfielder Reaction (Attribute)
OF Fielding -- more important than I thought (Attribute)
OF Arm Strength --another vital one I think (Attribute)

This might end up blowing up later on, but man...really liked that two game sample.

I lost game two 6-5 to the Astros with Berkman, Tejada, Freel, and Junior all hitting legit doubles. So far so good.