Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EA Sports Avalanche

Pretty hectic time if you are a sports game writer.

I'm knee deep in NHL 09. Good game. Borderline really good. "Great" or "Best Sports Game Ever?" I'm not going there. Still, certainly a green light buy.

AND NBA Live 09 showed up today with a firm, "Bill please don't blog about the game" request from EA Sports. So, no posting from me about NBA Live. (Don't email me either...)

Just know that I do have a copy and that you don't and that I am awesome. Everything else is window dressing.

FIFA 09 is on its way and THQ sent over Saints Row II today and I finally bought a Rock Band 2 wireless guitar and Gamecock wants to send a debug to preview Legendary and EA is also sending Dead Space and NBA 2K comes out with a PC version and THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY RIGHT NOW PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Oh, yeah, my Warhammer Online review is up at Crispy.


Brandon said...

Hey, you could always send Rock Band 2 my way, you know, seeing how I reviewed it.

bill abner said...

Be thankful I let you write at all.


Brandon said...