Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EA Sports Avalanche

Pretty hectic time if you are a sports game writer.

I'm knee deep in NHL 09. Good game. Borderline really good. "Great" or "Best Sports Game Ever?" I'm not going there. Still, certainly a green light buy.

AND NBA Live 09 showed up today with a firm, "Bill please don't blog about the game" request from EA Sports. So, no posting from me about NBA Live. (Don't email me either...)

Just know that I do have a copy and that you don't and that I am awesome. Everything else is window dressing.

FIFA 09 is on its way and THQ sent over Saints Row II today and I finally bought a Rock Band 2 wireless guitar and Gamecock wants to send a debug to preview Legendary and EA is also sending Dead Space and NBA 2K comes out with a PC version and THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY RIGHT NOW PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Oh, yeah, my Warhammer Online review is up at Crispy.