Friday, October 24, 2008

Dead Space PC

Early thoughts:

It's entertaining
It's not BioShock (which was an unfair media comparison)
It's not as scary as I thought it would be

It's clearly a port.

I need to save these games WHEN I WANT.

PC design 101, folks.


Jeff said...

Amen to the save anywhere comment! There's no reason this can't be done anymore since the PS3 and 360 have hard drives. Though, I am guessing the save game design has more to do with the developer's adherence to the classic survival horror game pattern (ie, collect stuff, wander around, solve puzzles, unlock doors, save only in certain spots, rinse, repeat). With Dead Space, the setting and the promis of lots of alien/zombie limb severing has me intrigued nonetheless.

bill abner said...

I'm enjoying it, but for me, genre stuff be damned...sometimes I need to quit the game...RIGHT NOW.

And I'd like to

Brandon said...

You're just not l33t enough!