Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pipe Wrench Fight!

I'm not a big music video guy, but one of my all time favorites is, "Take on Me," by Ah Ha. (You don't get much more 80s than that song, or that video.) Go figure that when an old high school chum of mine linked to the following YouTube video off his Facebook account it's a "literal video version" of that song and video. It's the same song, but all the lyrics are replaced with a literal narrative of the on-screen action.

By all means, enjoy yourselves...

Oh, watch out for them!

They're gonna beat you up with a pipe wrench.

Climb through this hole.

Show this guy then cut back to these two.

You go through first.

I'm gonna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench!

Frigg'n sweet. (Thanks, Scott!)