Monday, October 6, 2008

Low Post Defense

Is keeping NBA Live 09 from being really good.

The feature set is nice, the graphics are merely OK and the animations at times look ....rough, but this games DOES do a lot right.

But low post defense is ABYSMAL. And the sliders for User Close Range do jack squat.

Here's the issue --

With Boston I can run a post play to Garnett and even Perkins and the defense refuses to deny the pass. Ever. This is one thing that makes NHL 09 stand out -- the AI will adapt to your style and if you keep trying to do the same thing over and over the AI will pick up on it. I don't see Live doing that. I called the same play for 4 quarters today, on Superstar, and KG scored 49, Perkins 21, and KG would have scored more but was in foul trouble.

The problem is twofold:

One, the AI allows the entry pass every single time down the floor. You'd think after running the same play 30 times it would sorta guess it was coming and front KG or start auto doubling.

Two, when help D DOES come from the weak side, it doesn't matter.

No matter what lvl you play on you can back down players way too easily. Garnett's low post strength isn't that great yet he can back down like he's Shaq and then spin and score almost at will. Perkins will miss a tad more often but if I wanted to score 20 a night with Perkins that wouldn't be too tough a job -- and any hoops game that allows that has a problem.

So does this make Live a bust? No -- it's fun and as I said does a hell of a lot right this year. It does keep it from must buy territory, though. To get in that area I need to try the 10 player multiplayer out.