Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holy Schnikes

Hot off the presses, the Lions have dealt WR Roy Williams and a seventh rounder to the Dallas Cowboys for a sixth, third AND first round pick.

To tell you the truth, I didn't think they'd even get a first rounder for Williams, so the notion that they're getting three draft picks, including a first rounder, is astonishing to me. Don't get me wrong, Williams is a talented receiver, but he's never been consistent enough (IMO) to live up to his top 10 draft pick status.

I think this is a *big* win for the Lions (and whomever ends up being the GM) as they head into the draft next year. They could seriously help out that defense if they use their two first rounders wisely. (Which is also like saying I could really be rich if I picked good lotto numbers. Nevertheless, I'll take the glass is half full approach.)

Also of interest with this deal is that, with this trade, none of the first round picks Detroit's made from 2002-2005 are still with the team. Yikes.


Mike in the D said...

I think the Lions got the better of this deal, and for them, that really is something special. RW was not performing up to his level in detroit. To say his value is down would be an understatement. Clearly Dallas thinks he's worth it, and in Big D, next to Owens, maybe they're right. But RW isn't the brightest guy on the field and makes a lot of stupid mistakes, not to mention the dropsies. Still, this seems like a pretty shrewd playoff run move to me. Once Romo gets back it should get very interesting.

todd brakke said...

Oh yeah, I agree. I really didn't think they'd get a first round pick, let along a first, third and sixth.

Btw - You need to let me know about Con weekend! :)

dng said...

Mark my words, Roy Williams is a beast of an athlete that just gave up playing for Detroit. Who wouldn't? He's is going to put up some numbers for Dallas. I watched him in college and the man is a freak. I think playing for the Lions organization would take the drive out of anyone, obviously. Look at the talent that team has wasted.

Jayhawker said...

I played in an NFL 2K5 league with the Lions. At the time, I thought I was getting to see the the first years of the equivalent of Aikman, Emmit, and Irvin.

Harrington, Jones and Williams were highly rated draft picks, and I thought would be a core of a great team. But then, they were playing for the Lions.

They weren't an awesome team to play with, but they were fun. Been a long time since then, though.