Monday, October 27, 2008

Browns, Bucks, Fandome, and Scarlet Fever

Ashley was sent home today with what the doc is calling a mild case of Scarlet Fever. Fun stuff. Slight fever, rash, headache. Man I hope she's ok by Friday and can travel; I'd hate to miss Brakke Con.

Some quick hitters about the weekend:

I expected OSU to beat Penn State. Before the year Wisky on the road scared me more than PSU at home. Shows what I know. Still-- what a great football game. That was an example of a low scoring game being incredibly entertaining -- big plays on both sides, defenses stiffening when needed and a HUGE turnover being the swing in momentum. Pryor said that if he makes that guy miss he runs for a 50 yard score because PSU pinched at the snap. No one was there. And Pryor usually makes that guy miss 95% of the time. That was the 5% chance OSU didn't need to see come to pass. But that's football.

The storyline was the PSU Dline dominating OSU's line. To shut down Beanie Wells -- folks that just doesn't happen. Of course the playcalling didn't help. 9 guys in the box; it's kinda tough to run on that but the PSU Dline was MUCH better than I thought. Fast, strong, and disciplined.

Those were two evenly matched teams just beating each other up and someone had to lose. I just REALLY thought OSU had the game after the kid missed the FG and OSU started marching right before the fumble.

I still say that Beanie's spot on 2nd down (the play before the fumble) was a HORRIBLE call -- I thought he had the first down by half a yard, but again, that's football and the best team ALWAYS wins. That was PSU. The plan now is to win out, hope PSU runs the table, and gets to the title game so OSU gets a shot at Roses.

Ok the Browns.

That team boggles my mind. I have no explanation. Seriously. No idea. Next topic.

Here's a discussion I was having on a Browns forum -- I rarely go to those places anymore because I feel kinda dirty afterward, but here's part of the discussion.

It revolves around what is acceptable fan behavior at a football game.

Is it "ok" to go to a game and yell F Bombs all game long?

Like, "Anderson you FUC**** SUCK!" or "Catch the FUC**** ball Braylon!"

Is that acceptable behavior or is it you being a public douchebag? If you believe the's split about 50/50 between the "dude show some class, there are kids sitting two rows behind you" and the "I go to games to get drunk and vent about how bad my life sucks by channeling my inner douche and yelling obscenities all game long."

I'm pretty clear where I stand on this:

-I yell when I go to games. Usually when the other team has the ball -- I get as LOUD as I can. I can barely talk after an OSU game.

- I STAND the whole game. Every play. I could not sit down if I tried. I'm too worked up. I'm the guy on 3rd down that turns around and yells at everyone else to get on their feet and make some noise. If you're going to a football game and want to sit on your ass, just hope you are not sitting behind me 'cause I'm on my feet.

--I boo the other team. If it's Michigan the booing is merciless. Yes, these are college kids. Sorry -- Blue gets Booed.

--I NEVER boo my own team under ANY circumstance. Ever. I might cuss to myself and stew and get mad but never, ever boo your own boys.

-- I also never drink at games. I want to watch the game I don't go there to party.

--And I never cuss loudly because I think it shows a lack of tact. In private I talk like a sailor. Really. I can cuss with the absolute best of them. I got that from my dad. But in public? I'd have a hard time calling Chad Henne a C*** S*****...even if applicable.

So, where do you stand?