Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Browns 35
Giants 14


Seriously -- W.T.F.

Where has that been the previous 4 games? That was a first half of 2007 flashback for the Browns and that was without Winslow in the lineup. I can't explain it.

I also have no idea what to tell Todd about Michigan other than...yeah I have no idea. The Appy State game last year you could at least point to completely looking over a team that was pretty good and would beat a lot of D1 schools.

But Toledo? At home? When you are playing for your Bowl appearance lives every week? Toledo? I do not care if you are trying the round peg/square hole theory with our "scheme" you should beat Toledo on pure talent.

I also absolutely do not agree with the Rodriguez "good coach" ideal. Good coaches never blanketly use a scheme regardless of the personnel. Never. You lose by doing that. If you force players who cannot run a scheme into...running that scheme it makes you a one trick pony.

Michigan needs to get its act together. Fast. Michigan sucking does not help Ohio State -- it hurts us. So stop being a friggin bottom feeder and beat Toledo. Sheesh. You are MICHIGAN.

Browns 35 Giants 14



todd brakke said...

I don't think it's all scheme. I think it's scheme combined with unprecedented declines in the level of skill at both QB and, more importantly, offensive line. That line is *horrible* and my early enthusiasm for Threet's potential is declining by the week.

Mike in the D said...

I can explain the Browns. I finally dropped DA from my fantasy lineup, as I was in desperate need of the space for bye week fillers. Plus I really thought the Giants might knock him unconscious in that game. Little did know they wouldn't come close, I can't even remember them touching him, much less knocking him down. As i hit submit, I said to myself, he's either gonna get benched 1/2 way thru the game or he'll be star.

As for Michigan, all I can say is that no team is guaranteed to be a consistent contender, as Michigan was for the whole time I can remember. I think a lot of fans grew accustomed to this, and failed to understand how special it is and how hard it is to do. Notre Dame fans came to this realization a few years back. I hope Michigan rebounds faster and better than they have.

Jeff said...

I'd bet on post-concussion syndrome having something to do with DA's struggles the past few weeks. The lingering effects of the concussion he suffered in preseason seem to have effected him early on. It didn't help that one of the Browns' early games was in a tropical depression that stalled out OH, making the passing game nearly impossible.

Also, even though he only caught 2 passes, having Stallworth back helps stretch the field a bit - at least he is another weapon to account for.

As far as the dawgs' defense goes, though, WTF indeed. They still gave up a ton of ypc, but shut down the Giants' passing game and produced some timely turnovers.