Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Browns 35
Giants 14


Seriously -- W.T.F.

Where has that been the previous 4 games? That was a first half of 2007 flashback for the Browns and that was without Winslow in the lineup. I can't explain it.

I also have no idea what to tell Todd about Michigan other than...yeah I have no idea. The Appy State game last year you could at least point to completely looking over a team that was pretty good and would beat a lot of D1 schools.

But Toledo? At home? When you are playing for your Bowl appearance lives every week? Toledo? I do not care if you are trying the round peg/square hole theory with our "scheme" you should beat Toledo on pure talent.

I also absolutely do not agree with the Rodriguez "good coach" ideal. Good coaches never blanketly use a scheme regardless of the personnel. Never. You lose by doing that. If you force players who cannot run a scheme into...running that scheme it makes you a one trick pony.

Michigan needs to get its act together. Fast. Michigan sucking does not help Ohio State -- it hurts us. So stop being a friggin bottom feeder and beat Toledo. Sheesh. You are MICHIGAN.

Browns 35 Giants 14