Monday, October 13, 2008

Basketball Malaise?

That's me. Mr. Malaise.

I'll have a review of both games soon but after playing Live and 2K a ton over the past week (more for Live) I keep thinking one thing :

I miss my College Hoops.

The NBA games aren't doing it for me this year -- but for various reasons.

NBA Live 09 is really close to being special, but defensive AI kills it. Fun online game, though.

NBA 2K9's controller complexity is hilarious. Plus, as GREAT as it looks (best basketball game, visually, ever) but the low post game and ridiculous offensive explosions hurt it badly. Out of the box, without any slider changes, 2K9 is straight up arcade -- no defense, tons of scoring, little fun. Sliders help, but only to a point. It's a "good" game but nowhere near as good as I was expecting it to be. College Hoops.