Monday, October 6, 2008

KG Pick and Roll

So, I have been a good boy and not broken the EA embargo on NBA Live even though I have the game. You know, it pains me to sit here and not talk shop with you guys. I really want to talk about the game. But that will wait til tomorrow. I should also have NBA 2K9 any day now so we'll compare and contrast.

I will share this NBA Live 09 video I took today when I was playing with Boston. I thought I had the game on All Star level but I guess I forgot to save it and it's on Starter. No wonder it was easy. ha. Last year, doing this simple move in Live was impossible.

You know what I like about this clip? Not the KG roll, but look at the defender on Pierce -- he almost jumps -- he almost buys that pump fake (which has been a money play in the Live since there WAS an NBA Live). But even on Starter -- he hesitates but stays on his feet.