Friday, October 24, 2008

Gearing up For Halloween Brakke Con

As many of you know, Todd lacks friends. It's ok. He tries and darn it, that's what counts.

Every year we flip flop who drives where and this fall it's time for us to drive to Indy for a weekend of fun and games at the House of Brakke.

Go fun! Woo!

We're going down Friday, Halloween, because well, Saturday is OSU's bye week. No way is a Brakke trip worth missing an OSU game. Get real people. But this works out great because it gives me a chance to step away from the PC/360 and play some boardgames --- AND it's Halloween! The perfect time to break out some horror themed games.

I have been thinking about which games to bring, as the collection is getting ridiculously large, but it looks like:

Arkham Horror - This will take hours to play but's Halloween and there's no better time to play it. I reviewed this a while back. Todd says his house will be packed with guests, so this might be a requirement.

A Touch of Evil -- Todd has this one and I want to play it. Mike just gave it a thumbs up.

Fury of Dracula -- No idea if Todd has played this. But over Halloween -- essential. Another review. Max 5 players, though.

Railroad Tycoon Euro Expansion -- Todd will kill me if I don't bring this. Not very scary, though.

Formula Dé - Because it's easy, it's a bunch of dice rolling, and Ashley loves it. Supports a lot of players.

Star Wars Original Trilogy RISK - Because it's the best RISK variant ever. And you can play it in 2 hours. Best with 3 players, though (One Rebel, One Empire, one Hutt)

Cutthroat Caverns -- We tried this with just 3 people and it went over...not so well. But I think in a large group it could be a lot of fun. We basically had a lot of ambiguous rules questions. I love the idea, though. Supports 6 players..more the better.

StarCraft the Board Game -- Got this via a trade today. It's a big FFG production and I have never played it. Nothing a rules read while Mary drives won't fix...

So, Todd, that's the plan. If there's something else you are demanding I bring...speak up for forever be friendless.


Joel Hulsey said...

I am so jealous! I wish I had a friend where we would meet for weekends and play board games. Y'all are blessed indeed!

bill abner said...

Well..."meet for weekends" is a misnomer.

It's twice a year. Todd lives 3 1/2 hrs away.

That's a LONG drive just to see Todd!

Mike in the D said...

Tell me about it, I've gotta go 4 1/2. There better be some adult beverages.

bill abner said...

I told Todd booze is fine but no public drunkenness.

Ashley (she's 8) will be with us and any public display of hammerdome will mean dealing with the wife!

Brandon said...

Wait, so you're going to make your kid miss Halloween so that you don't miss an OSU game. Or will the trick-or-treating take place in Indiana?

Dan said...

How in the world is Last Night on Earth not there? You can't not have zombies!

Also Touch of Evil let me highly recommend you do not play the co-operative variant, the game is better when played Competitive.

bill abner said...

LNoE is ...ok. I'm hoping ToE is better.

Dan said...

TOE is not better. So if you're not a fan of LNOE then you've been warned.