Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fallout 3 PC Review

Todd's nearly 3,000 word take on the epic Fallout 3 is live.

Bring a sandwich.


Brandon said...

Since when are we allowed to write 3000 words? Wait a minute. I don't want to write 3000 words. Never mind.

bill abner said...

Hey it's Todd.

Why say something in 3 words when you can use 10? ;)

Brandon said...

I was going to make a joke that 1000 of the words were in the tagline, but thought better of it. I have now resumed to my low class ways.

todd brakke said...

Look, f#@ers. If you want to make an omelet you have to write a 100 page manual on how to do it first. That's how these things work. ;)

bill abner said...

"I was going to make a joke that 1000 of the words were in the tagline"

Oh, I edited that bitch.

"Fallout 3 is finally here..." that was me.

Todd wrote a novella.

Honestly, that's a damn fine review for a HUGE game so it deserves a lot of words. It's actually closer to 2,500 and a few of the RPG news sites are praising it for not being a droolfest.

So, huzzah el Brakke.

todd brakke said...

That's rig... wait. People are talking about me? Where? I demand URLs!

bill abner said...

Here's one that I saw today


Brandon said...

Todd, you had such a good tagline before, you should have used it rather than let the hatchet man mess with your flow.

BTW, the word verification for this comment is "brain", no doubt because Blogger knows how smart I am.