Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remember What I Said About NHL 09?

Ignore that gibberish.

I dunno what happened but after only a few small tweaks the penalty situation seems to have either fixed itself or my sample size of four games (with one penalty total) was an aberration. Either way, penalties aren't a problem.

Difficulty IS, though.

Like both Todd and I said last year -- more Todd than me -- there needs to be a difficulty between Pro and All Pro. On Pro I routinely win rather easily. On All Pro I am 0-7. Most games aren't that close. Yes, I am playing with Columbus so I don't expect to dominate but I'd like the games to be competitive. With limited sliders....I'm sort of at a loss here. Practice will help but the AI on All Pro just flat kicks my ass.


Scott said...

Hahaha...told ya man...at least about the penalties. I can't help you on your lack of skill. I am in the same boat tho...barely win on All-Star. It's all about playing positional defense. The first few All-Star games went very bad. Now I'm in every game at least. Lots of poke checking and stick lifting. That's key. But not too much...penalties will be called.

MizzouRah said...

Tweaks... do tell.

bill abner said...

I didn't do much, really. Maybe boost aggro a tad. But I'm now see 2-4 pens per game on 10 min periods. That's fine w/ me.

MizzouRah said...

Thanks, I'll have to try that.