Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Road to Power Recovery

When you lose power for a time and your job depends tend to get a tad behind. That's the main reason for the lack of blogging from me of late. (Todd just sucks at this.) My workload is so backed up that I just don't have the time.

I'm slogging through Warhammer Online, which is great, and I still need to really get into NHL 09. Lots to do. Plus getting PC time is proving difficult as Ashley and Mary are both utterly hooked on Spore. Crazy hooked. Ok, yeah ...I am too.

Last night we ran into Todd's creation -- Two-Eye -- in our game. Ashley wandered around and saw this three eyed monstrosity with the name two-eye and said she didn't understand why it was called that.

"It's Todd's creature, honey. It's 'special.' Just play nice with it."

I understand the complaints about Spore -- I do -- but damn if this game isn't a blast to play even though it's a casual sorta of thing. Charm goes a long way.


todd brakke said...

You'd have to ask my daughter about the creature's name. She gave it to 'em.

Really! ;)

And I totally agree about Spore. It's got loads of flaws and yet it's still completely enthralling. The patch they just released makes the space mode about 150% better, btw.

Brandon said...

Is it ten times more charming than that Arnold on Green Acres?

bill abner said...

Bad Motha F***er

Jeffrey said...

Bill, you behind on your e-mail too? :p

Todd - First time I've had hope for the Lions in like decades.

Bill/Todd - Why do the Wolverines suck this year? Was painful watching them get slaughtered while I in the hospital. The it was fun rooting for the Lions to lose until Millen left.