Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stat of the Day

Found this stat while reading this article at The Detroit News this morning:

Michigan has outscored its opponents, 46-19, in the second half this season.

Now, if they can just stop getting murdered in the first half there just might be a quality season to put together here after all.  Go Blue!


bill abner said...

At 2-2 -- and you should really consider that Wisky game a once per year gift, I still see Michigan at 5-7. At one point Michigan ran 17 plays and gained a TOTAL of 20 yards.

I have you beating Toledo.

To reach 6 wins this team needs to beat Purdue on the road, Northwestern and Minny -- and Minnesota is not a bad football team this year. They'll score. And with Michigan's offense being Michigan's offense...that's going to be a game.

I see losses against Illinois (Illinois' back is against the wall), Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State and one of the above three games (prolly Purdue).

If it plays out like that, if UM loses the games they should lose, they're looking at 5-7.

If that team reaches 6 wins I'd consider it a positive season. That's not smack talk Todd -- that's reality. Michigan's offense cannot rely on gifts like it received against a Wisconsin team that fell asleep at the switch after being up 19-0 at the half.

I WANT Michigan to be good. It kills the conference when they're a bottom half team. DickRod better start bringing in players to run that offense. Stat.

Jeffrey said...

Wasn't it the opposite over the past few years? Higher first half scores, and then the allowing teams to nearly beat them in the secodn half?

todd brakke said...

First of all, I'm drinking Kook-Aid today so you just shut up and stop trying to ruin my day. ;)

Second of all. What was the gift in the Wisconsin game? The 5 first half turnovers (2 on kick returns) and 20-odd total yards or the three legitimate offensive scoring drives in the second half? I think that argument swings both ways, hence yesterday's comments about having a schizophrenic season.

Michigan's offense, right now, is shooting self in the foot a lot, but when it's not shooting itself in the foot, it is moving the ball. I think they can cut down on the turnovers because most of them have been fumbles (esp. on kick returns) and that's correctable (knock on wood).

How many wins will they end up with? Yeah, probably 5 or 6, but I'm not ruling out the possibility that this team really comes together and puts up seven or even eight.

The Kool-Aid tastes good and I'm going to enjoy it until I choke on it... possibly on Saturday. ;)

todd brakke said...

Jeff, to the best of my recollection, the last few years have been mixed with games where Michigan gets a lead and then tries to sit on it (resulting in close games that shouldn't have been) and games where they played like ass only to come back in the second half and win (games against Minnesota and Michigan St. come to mind).

bill abner said...

If Michigan wins 8 games I'll buy you the boardgame of your choice. :)

todd brakke said...

And if they only win 5 I'll buy you one. :)

srudoff said...

michigan has outscored the competition by so much in the 2nd half because they are down so much by halftime that 1. the other team goes into 'don't lose mode' and 2. michigan pulls out all stops trying to score in bunches.

Against Utah they were down 22-10 at half

ND 28-17

Wisconsin 19-0

more importantly, most of that 46-19 2nd half outscoring came against one team, wisconsin, where they out scored them 27-6. That's plus 21. 46-19 is plus 27. So you're plus 6 without the wisconsin game (and 3 of those 6 were against lowly miami of ohio)

todd brakke said...

(sigh) Kool-Aid. I happen to like it.

But to be fair, if you take out the Wisconsin game they're not plus 6. Wisconsin scored 6 of those 19. So taking that game out, it's 27-13 in those three games.

And I still think you have to account for the fumble issue. Michigan's just not going to have the ridiculous number of turnovers they had against Wisconsin and ND. 1-3 per game? Sure. But not 5+.

What's also getting overlooked is that both the defense and offense are getting better; the defense in particular (offense has a long, long way to go). Those 19 halftime points of Wisconsin all are the result of turnovers and killer field position not defensive struggles and their front four are showing themselves to be very, very good, IMO.

srudoff said...


utah: um 13 utah 3
miami: um 6 miami 3
nd: um 0 nd 7
wisc: um 27 wisc 6

total um 13+6+0+27 = 46
opponents 3+3+7+6 = 19

first 3 games without wisconsin totals...

um 13+6+0 = 19
opponents 3+3+7 = 13

= michigan plus 6 without wisky

i'm not saying, i'm just saying

Jeffrey said...

I predict Michigan will win all but one of their remaining games (unless I start actually watching them... then they lose).

The one they lose will either be Penn State or Ohio State. Probably beat Ohio State if OSU is bidding for a top 4 BCS spot... hehe :p


todd brakke said...

Aw hell. I misread the numbers in your post and complicated that with some horrendous math. My bad. Either way, I get to feel good until Illinois this weekend. After that I'll either feel justified or very, very depressed. :)

Jeffrey said...

Well that just stinkin' figures.

Watch the whole game just to watch MI get annhiliated vs. Ill.

blech. Should probably not watch the Lions tomorrow either.

todd brakke said...

Yes. That was... unpleasant.