Saturday, April 4, 2009

What I want -- Addendum

I want to go into more detail on this topic later -- but this from from the OBR's story on Braylon Edwards:

"Edwards will be a marked man because the Browns traded their other big threat, Kellen Winslow. Winslow was shipped to Tampa Bay for a second-round pick in 2009 and a fifth-round pick next year. Unless the Browns improve, Edwards can expect to be double-teams virtually every play."

To me, this is a critical step that sports games need to take.

The computer controlled teams need to know who they are playing against -- regardless of the sport.

If I'm playing a basketball game and my team has one legit scoring threat then the AI should know this, right? I should see double teams or some sort of plan to slow down my main guy.

The CPU shouldn't allow me to win with my only player.

In a football game the AI needs to know that I have an All Pro/All American running back but no passing game. And I should be staring at 7, 8, even 9 men in the box until I can prove I can throw the ball.

If I have a great passing game and no run game the AI should know this too, and look to double my All Pro WR and take him away from me gameplan if an all possible or try its best to get to the QB to force him to throw early.

You don't see much of that in today's games.

And I really want to see that remedied.

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Supes said...

That's very logical. And that's why I still don't know why Lenny Wilkins always thought it was a great idea to put Craig Ehlo, and only Craig Ehlo, on Michael Jordan over and over and over again. Forget Pippen. If Jordan has anyone to thank for his 60+ point playoff games it's the team of Wilkins and Ehlo.

That's just one example of real-life games that don't fit the logic of what you or I'd do playing against someone in a game. Superstars have great games and they don't always do it against double teams, eight men in the box, or whatever. Some games just don't play out with the strategy you described.

So figuring out when the AI should do it and when it shouldn't is the task, and that seems tough. Granted, it should be more often than never.