Monday, April 27, 2009

I'd Rather Listen to Mel Torme

I don't know why teams spend all this money and time with hiring "scouts" and doing "interviews" and watching "game tape" when everyone would be thrilled if they just went down Mel Kiper's Big Board (tm) and picked right off of that.

Remember what Mel said about Mike Williams: "See you in Canton, kid"

I wish these expert football analyst guys would just stick to telling me about a kid, and not whether or not a pick was good or bad -- because they have no flippin' idea.

The Browns had their "WTF?" moment but in the opposite direction as the norm. This time they did a helluva good job. It was weird, and unexpected but I loved the trade down tactic and I loved the players we got in return and I loved the center pick even though my OSU Biased Heart wanted Beanie.

I guarantee you this: if New England does the exact same deal as the Browns these 'experts' would be hailing it as yet another genius move by Belichick.