Thursday, April 2, 2009

Milestone Reached

It happened this week -- I have marked it on my calendar.

Ashley beat both me and Mary in a boardgame that wasn't solely designed for children.

Yes, she's won at games like Gulo Gulo and Chicken Cha Cha Cha and even traditional games like Sorry.

But the other night we played Qwirkle -- it's a tile laying game with various colors and shapes, and takes some planning, some luck, and some observational skills. We have played this game at least a half dozen times with her but it had been about 6 months since our last game and it was like the light came on. She knew HOW to play and not just what the rules were.

We did "help" her one time when she cost herself only a few extra points, but for the most part it was all her -- beating the two of us. I was happy and sorta sad. I don't know, I guess it signifies her growing up. She's already to the point where Dora is for babies (which is fine, I hate that damn show).

I have been waiting for her to age a bit so she can play some games with me and Mary and that time is fast approaching, it seems.

So is Teenage-ism.