Thursday, April 30, 2009

NDAs Suck but Maybe Quick Hit Football Won't

The one game I really want to talk about I am not allowed to talk about.

I hate that.

I'd LOVE to talk about it. Really. Because it's really, really good.

Really. (It rhymes with Flood Mole)

However, we'll have to settle for this -- Quick Hit Football.

Now before you go all "Dude another online football sim..." here's the kicker:

Quick Hit's CEO, Jeff Anderson, is a 15-year veteran; he's spent time at EA and was CEO of Turbine (Lord of the Rings; Dungeons & Dragons online) before founding Quick Hit. The lead designers on Quick Hit Football worked on Madden '06 and '07, as well as the NFL 2K series and ESPN NFL series.
So. Check out the website and I'll be getting a phone call guided tour of the game on Monday with a full report coming shortly thereafter.

Maybe it'll be the be all end all of online football sims with neat graphics?

Or.....maybe not.


Blob said...

Reminds me more than a bit of Smallball.

However, the fact that you actually do something during games should make it much better.

Matt said...

Your really enjoying "Flood Mole"? ;) Im still waiting to be picked for "Flood Mole" beta.

I also hate NDAs and Embargos why video game companys insist on using them i will never understand. Just let web sites like this talk about the game. If people are interested in the game they are still going to buy it. /rant

Jonah Falcon said...

I think Flood Mole is awesome.

The reason for NDA's are quite simple. For one - the game we're playing may not be the same game that's released.