Thursday, April 2, 2009

Layers of Funny

I find this picture funny on a few different levels -- most juvenile.

Is she the funny part? Or the dude in the background and his reaction face?


Pete said...

Then you should definitely enjoy this:

bill abner said...

Crazy. I had never seen that pic before today.

But I dont think the picture works nearly as well without the guys in the background.

James said...

It's way funnier if, due to the fact all their eyes are glowing, you imagine the girl is one of many zombies at a party and happens to be dancing in a particularly hilarious zombie way. The zombies around her, not recalling dance or the whys and whatfors of it all, are aghast at her discombobulated contortions and rightfully judge her as one who such as her, who chooses to be different, should be judged.

Or maybe my blood sugar is low.