Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elven Legacy Review

I solved the crash problems I had earlier with the game and was able to play through it without too much trouble.

Review time.

Should have a DemiGod review soon.

We posted more uniforms on the OOTP League blog and things are moving along nicely. We have the most colorful league since MLB circa 1984.

My latest Virtual Groin Pull is about ready to go. I'm talking about the NCAA football series.

Oh, yeah -- keeping in mind that I never, ever watch ESPN unless it is carrying a game I need to see, I read that the Worldwide Leader of Shit Filled Sports Coverage chose not to retain Stephen A. Smith.

That's a good first step.


Mike in the D said...

No Stephen A Smith and Madden retiring, its shaping up to be the best year for listening to sports in a long time.

bill abner said...

Now all that needs to happen is Mike Lupica contracting vocal herpes and everyone on Around the Horn seized by Somalian pirates.

Jeff said...

Nice review of Elven Legacy, Bill - gotta keep my eye out for a good deal on it as I've been sleeping far too much lately. By today's game-authoring standards, a game's plotline being favorably compared to Naked Lunch makes it sound like a candidate for "Plot Of The Year" (at least until David Lynch writes an equally cohesive plot for the next Warammer RTS)...