Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day!

Well, it's Draft Day -- and you can rest assured the Browns will do something today, either a trade or a pick, that will make all of Cleveland say, "WTF!?"

It's life as a Browns fan.

If we take Sanchez: WTF?

If we trade Edwards and only get the Giants 29th pick in return, essentially losing 1 WR for another (assuming they draft Crabtree at 5) and dropping 24 spots in the process: WTF?

If we take some linemen from LSU: WTF?

If we take a NT from Boston College when we already have Rogers: WTF?

Look for a real WTF moment today from the Browns.


Jonah Falcon said...

Is there ANYONE the Browns can draft that you won't go "WTF?"

bill abner said...

Curry, Jenkins, Crabtree or if Sanchez is on the board they trade down and get another 1st round pick. Because there will be offers.