Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Alert! Women and Mogs First!

I’ve really been trying not to let it happen, but god help me, I’m getting excited for the new Star Trek movie. No, not just excited. I’m on red freak’n alert with phasers set to kill. I can’t help it. The first couple trailers did nothing for me. The most recent one was like, hmm, this is starting to look interesting. Then came this week.

First, there was the screening of the flick in Austin. If you hadn’t heard about this, it’s all flavors and shades of awesome. People thought they were going to see a screening of a restored print of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. Instead they got six minutes of Wrath of Kahn before the film broke down. Everyone acts pissed off. Onto the stage walks Leonard Nimoy with a film can in his hand. It is, of course, the new film, which they then screened instead of Kahn. Pretty ballsy when you consider how much Trek fans love Wrath of Kahn. I mean if the new film blows, people there are gonna go apeshit. Fortunately, if you read Ain’t it Cool News, you know that the impressions rolling out of there of indicate the new flick is –at worst- a pretty decent Trek film and –at best- just a monumentally kick ass movie.

Yesterday I also read about a couple of short clips now making the rounds. I tried to avoid ‘em just not to be spoiled, but I failed my Will save this morning so now I’m going to challenge yours, because these clips are f’ing gravy. I’ve embedded the first one below. It’s Kirk and Uhura at a bar. If you’ve seen the most recent trailer, this is appears to be what instigates the bar fight to which the trailer alludes.

Go ahead and tell me that Chris Pine is not James T. Kirk in that scene. Go on. I dare you because that s$%t is 100% pure Kirk awesomeness. If you try to tell me it’s not, then I’m calling Pine and he’s going to come kick you in the nuts. You and six of your buddies. Chris Pine, if you deliver in the rest of that movie like you do in that scene, you’ll have made a lot of Trekkies very, very happy.

There’s a second clip of Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy that is equally good. God help me, I’m getting really excited for this flick.