Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Things I Want

  • My old copy of Great Battles of Alexander to work under XP. It requires Windows 95.

  • I'd like to find a game about Alexander that was not made during the days of Windows 95.

  • I'd like a new college basketball game: one that is better than NCAA Basketball 09 but not as time demanding as College Hoops 2K8. Recruiting should not feel like work. Seriously what was wrong with the old NCAA football model? Fast, easy, and realistic enough. I hate recruiting in CH2K8. Hate it. I hate it because it isn't fun. And I'm not a fan of the NCAA model now either. I don't care about picking certain pitches to players -- just get the hell on with it.

  • I'd like any time spent on Mascot games in any college sports game to instead be devoted to something that is not stupid.

  • The GameShark redesign to go live. It's a ways away, but it looks super cool and I want it live. Now.

  • I want to be able to finish Painkiller on Expert guitar. 70% is my high water mark at the moment. Green Grass and High Tides remains further out of reach...

  • I'd like to sit down for 2 hours with the development team of Madden 10. Just me. No one else. No other media people.

  • I'd like the features that are being put into Madden to go into NCAA: THIS YEAR.

  • I'd like to get my sports column done that I have been putting off for a month. This one may actually happen...

  • I'd like today's sports games to use board games as a source of inspiration, but that's a topic for another column.