Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Thanks to all who emailed me regarding the goat story as well as the feedback on the Virtual Groin Pull sports column - it's appreciated.

The neighbors came home last night and we talked for a couple of hours. They're about as happy with that vet as you'd expect. When I know more about his fate I'll let you know. My hope is that getting all of that out will help Mary find some semblance of closure. This has really messed her up and I am being as supportive as I know how. Being in that room would screw anyone up and she's still not sleeping very well.

As for the column, I'll reply to the emails I got later today but a quick "global" reply: yes I think that the hard percentages numbers would work and no I don't think it would spoil any potential outcome. How would that work online? I have no idea. How's that for an answer? :)

I hope everyone signed up for the Blood Bowl beta. You did, right?