Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blood Bowl PC League -- June

OK so a while ago I mentioned Blood Bowl. A few times. I think.

Well, there is currently a closed PC multiplayer beta going on and I am not supposed to say if I am playing in it or not or that (I hear..) it's absolutely awesome.

But I can start to gather names for the PC league that we're going to start sometime in June when the game is supposed to ship.

The good news is that it's sure to be a great time full of bribed refs, chainsaws, Trolls who are too dumb to move, and lightning fast Wood Elves that my Orcs will summarily crush with an iron fist.

The bad news is that I only have 4 or 5 spots open. The league supports 24 teams and I already have a lot of people ready to go.

So -- if you want in the PC league you need to email me and let me know. Soon.