Sunday, April 12, 2009

Madden 10: Adaptive AI

Ian's new blog is up, discussing some of the AI patterns.

I think this is a good step, but I think we have heard similar things in the past -- not just re: Madden but the whole "the AI learns what you're doing" thing. (Liquid AI, anyone?)

However if this will really prevent money plays from being, well, money then I'm all for it. That said, it's a tightrope walk. Does this mean that if I call play X a few times in a row, then change it up and run play Y, will play Y be wide open? We have no way of knowing obviously, but programming AI has to be a real bitch. I don't envy that task.

What if we find a money play and only run it a few times per game? Will the AI know that it's coming?

Still, I think they need to do pre-snap AI. I've talked about this before (just a few days ago in fact) but the AI should know my PERSONNEL. It should know that I have a workhorse running back or a golden armed QB.

It should not only adapt to the plays and routes I am calling but also to the players who are performing them.

If I'm playing as the Browns (yes, glutton for punishment that I am) the defense should be all over Braylon Edwards. Right now he's the only real threat they have -- Winslow is gone. JJ is gone. Stallworth is headed to the pokey. The Browns #2 wideout is either Syndric freaking Steptoe or 80 year old David Patten.

Shouldn't the AI see this and cover Braylon (assuming he's NOT in fact traded to the Giants) with a safety nearly every play? I'm thinking yes.

Anyway, read the blog but for all that is good and holy on this Easter Sunday -- don't read the comments. When the first comment after a post about Adaptive AI is,
"Hey I want to know more on what are you going to do to the franchise and also superstar mode, and the accessories for the players, as in more team colors for the cleats."
You know you are in for a bumpy ride.


Brandon said...

Everyone knows that you can't have an effective RB without colored cleats! Come on Bill!

Craigsca said...

I will never understand the sport-gaming audience. It seems like the majority of players on the forums and blogs want to play "NFL Dress-up" rather than have a satisfying simulated NFL experience. I sometimes feel like I'm in the minority if I actually want a game that looks and plays like the real sport.

wco81 said...

Yeah we remember Liquid AI, although even as a GameDay player back at the time, it was probably way better than what GD offered.

EA has generated some excitement with their blogs and twitters, some hope that long-standing problems are finally being addressed.

I've heard all this before.

Let's see a few weeks after the game's release whether complaints about cheesing and jetpacking, rocket catches, etc. are truly gone.

Somehow I doubt it.

bill abner said...

wco you cynical bastard! lol

Craig you aren't in the minority. You just aren't as vocal.

What excited me about Madden this year is that we are seeing some nuts and bolts stuff and not just talk. Ian deserves credit for showing us what they are doing.

And despite Wco being all negative nellie, you have NEVER heard from the lead designer of Madden that "we are wanting to make an authentic simulation with no gimmicks."

You have never heard such a phrase come out of EA in regards to its football franchise.


Now will it work? Of course we have no idea. But I like what I hear from the Madden team a HELL of a lot more than what I do from the NCAA team.