Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is Project RedLime?

I was just perusing Joystiq and came across this story about EA having tapped Starbreeze Studios (Chronicles of Riddick) to revive one of their "classic" franchises. Over the years EA has acquired a lot of franchises that could fall into that category, so I'm very curious as to what it might be. It's probably too much to hope for a rebirth of System Shock (what with Bioshock already out there), something in the Syndicate line, or even Starflight. It's probably some console-only IP that I couldn't care less about. Nonetheless, I'm very curious as to what direction they're heading and if the name Project RedLime offers some kind of hint as to what it is.

What would you like to see them bring back?


Loren said...

M.U.L.E. is what it should be.

Most people are thinking System Shock (since EA recently renewed the trademark) or Ultima.

todd brakke said...

In terms of Ultima... man, I'm as big a fan of that series as anyone, but after the missteps of Ultima VIII and IX I don't even want them to attempt to revive that series. Just let me have my memories. :)

Speaking of old Origin Systems properties, a new Wing Commander game wouldn't come as a shock to me, given that they just did that cheap XBLA game a few months ago.